The Smart Supplement: Boost Your Brain Health

This insight is all about adding a smart supplement to your daily routine to boost your brain health. Stick with us for 5 minutes on this one.

The things we most value in life—health, happiness, and love—are governed by our ability to think, feel and act.

When considering how to improve our memory, we need to go straight to the route cause - the brain! We need to ensure it is getting the proper nutrients it needs to thrive. Only then can we hope to improve our memory capacity. 

The brain has a particular set of nutritional requirements, and even though most of us eat our five fruit and vegetables a day, research shows that 99% of us still don’t feed our brain what it requires. 99%! I’m just going to leave that there for a minute.

So, how do we address this challenge? Well, sustained change is the key to success. 

Smart supplements, scientifically classified as nootropics, are natural or human-made substances designed to support cognitive functioning and improve mental performance. The supplements offer an alternative to ensuring you get the right amount of nutrients every day that can’t otherwise be consumed by the food you eat. They have gained popularity in today’s highly competitive society and are most often used to boost memory, focus, creativity, intelligence and motivation. 

Smart supplements are said to result in; 

  1. Sharper focus
    The supplements improve concentration and mental performance-enhancing clarity, memory and learning.

  2. More energy
    They support your metabolism, fighting fatigue, and leave you feeling fresh and energised.

  3. Sounder sleep
    They support deep sleep, promoting more rest and putting you on the front foot.

  4. Improved mood
    They balance mood, promote positivity and support stress and anxiety management.

  5. Full-body wellbeing

They maintain long-term heart health, immunity, joint health, eyesight, and a healthy nervous system.

All in all, by taking a smart supplement, you maximise your energy, sleep and focus, having a transformative impact on your memory. But, it is advisable to speak to your doctor before choosing what to take. I use Heights, backed by the main man Stephen Fry himself. 

However, the best supplement is hydration. And here are three ways drinking more fluids will boost your brain health:

1. You'll experience improved psychological well-being and a better mood

Your body needs to be well-hydrated to manufacture hormones and neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin (important chemicals that regulate your mood), and also to ensure the proper functioning of these neurotransmitters and chemical processes. 

2. You'll think and focus better 

Water helps your brain cells communicate with each other, clears out toxins and waste that impairs brain function, and carries nutrients to your brain. This all falls apart if your fluid levels drop. 

Staying hydrated has been linked to:

  • Faster decision making and improved performance on cognitive tests
  • Better concentration and enhanced short-term memory
  • Higher test scores in an educational context
  • You'll fall asleep faster (and sleep deeper)

This is about far more than just catching more Zs. When you sleep, your brain heals itself, flushes out toxins, and even generates new neurons. This is why getting enough sleep may lead to brain health benefits such as:

  • A better memory
  • More mental alertness, focus and concentration
  • Enhanced psychological well-being and better moods

Drinking more water can help support a good night's rest. Your body's water levels influence your internal sleep-wake cycles, your body temperature, your metabolism, your hormones, and many of the other functions that are linked with sleep health. 

A healthy brain means a happy life. Go on, see what impact this has on your life.

Next lesson is all about the importance of exercise and keeping fit!

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