Use of Seller refers to StudyFast. When Buyer is referred to as you, it refers to the body accountable for payment to the seller (the buyer).

SALE OF MATERIALS. A. Seller agrees to sell, transfer and deliver the Materials to Buyer for the purchase price set forth in the Order, subject to all the covenants, terms and conditions hereof, and to pay Seller the purchase price set forth in the Order. Typographical and other clerical errors in the Order are subject to correction. Buyer reserves the right at any time to modify the Order upon notice to Seller. C. Seller agrees to obtain from Buyer a purchase order receipt for all purchase orders of goods and/or services. Sellers further agrees it will clearly reference the purchase order receipt on the applicable invoice(s). Seller acknowledges that any invoice submitted to Buyer that has not been given a receipt corresponding to the Buyer’s purchase order may be considered invalid by Buyer and may result in delayed payment.

PURCHASE PRICE AND TERMS OF PAYMENT. When you purchase a product offered by us you agree to pay the purchase price via the method chosen by you at the time of registration. Where payment is made by way of instalments all payments must be completed in full regardless of your future actions. Instalments cannot be varied or withheld unless directed by the Seller. If you do not pay in full when they fall due, we may at our discretion, suspend access to all or parts of our program until the payments of the overdue amount are made.VAT. If the rate of VAT changes between the date of the order and the date of delivery, we will adjust the VAT you pay, unless you have already paid in full before the change in VAT takes effect.

LIABILITY EXCLUSION. If either Buyer or Seller fails to comply with these Conditions, neither party will be responsible for any losses that the other suffers as a result, except for the losses expressly stated or which you or we could reasonably foresee would result from the failure to comply with these Conditions. Neither party will be responsible for the loss of income or revenue; or loss of date. However, nothing in these Conditions will prevent claims for foreseeable loss or damage to physical property or fraudulent misrepresentation.

DEFAULT. A. Seller shall be deemed to be in default hereunder if it violates any of the terms hereof or fails timely to perform any of its covenants, duties or obligations hereunder, or is it performs or fails to perform any other act, whether pursuant to this Agreement or otherwise, which gives Buyer reasonable grounds to feel insecure with respect to Seller’s future performance hereunder. B. Upon default by seller hereunder, Buyer may exercise any or all of the following rights and remedies as may be provided hereunder or under applicable law: (i) Reject or revoke acceptance of any or all of the Materials, whether or not the condition of delivery thereof otherwise relates to, pertains to, concerns or gives rise to such event of default; and/or (ii) Terminate this Agreement without any obligation whatsoever with respect to Materials not yet delivered to Buyer at the time of such termination. Buyer’s decision to pursue any one such remedy shall not be deemed to be an election not to pursue any other remedy at the same time or at any time.

NOTICE OF RIGHT TO CANCEL. Buyer can cancel your purchase and receive a full refund (less the value of any products or materials already received by the Buyer which have not been returned to Seller) by advising us in writing us in writing or via email using the details below within seven days of accepting this Agreement. By accepting this Agreement you have indicated that we may perform part of this Agreement prior to the expiry of the cooling off period including but not limited to providing you with products and services purchased. Notice of cancellation is deemed served as soon as posted or on the day an email is sent. After the Cooling Off Period: You may return your purchase at any time without refund by advising us in writing. Acceptance of your returned product does not waive your obligation to make the payment of the enrolment fee as agreed at the time of purchase, unless you are otherwise notified in writing by Seller. Refunds are paid to Buyer in the same way that your payment was made. Seller holds the right to cancel the program and changes the date without refund made to Buyer.